About US

AUNNARE means LIFE in the Tupi – Guarani, a native Brazilian dialect, and our inspiration starts with this fundamental name. Our professional staff is in our offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and Miami, Florida, USA.

To facilitate customer convenience, we operate using warehouses on strategic locations in Brazil and in the United States. In order to empower our top-level pharmacists and chemical engineers to certify the quality and efficiency of our products, we have an application custom designed laboratory in the city of Botucatu SP, Brazil.


Our mission is to provide high quality ingredients cooperating with a good life for everyone.


We seek to be the reference in ingredients sourcing for products.


Our relationship with customers and suppliers is based on trust and integrity. We are altruistic, always seeking to offer the best products to promote the well-being. We value quality, working to ensure excellence in everything we do.

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